Procurement & Tendering

Alexandria Raml Tram Rehabilitation – Technical Assistance and Support to Client

Alexandria has had a tram since 1860, The infrastructure and rolling stock are generally in very poor condition, it is only used by circa 12% of daily commuters. The tram service has become ineffective,

10th of Ramadan Dry Port

Establishment of a logistics platform comprising Dry Port under PPP model.

Monitoring and Technical Assistance for the Supply of six trains and two locos for Cairo Metro Line 2 – Advanced Procurement Training

Procurement of new six trains (Hyundai Rotem) and two shunting locomotives (Socofer) for Cairo Metro Line 2 (supply and maintenance).

Procurement Implementation Assistance for the Renewal Programme & Supply of 100 Locomotives

Egyptian National Railways (ENR) purchases 100 new locomotives under a supply and maintain contract to operate on passenger long distance routes.

Tender Evaluation for Cairo Metro Line 3 – Phase 3 – Group of works (G1 G6)

The scope of work for the contractors is split in 6 main groups of works as follows:

Group 1: Signalling and driving modes, centralized control and telecommunications.
Group 2: Civil works.

Migration to ETCS Level 1 on board and track side of Alexandria/ Cairo/ Asyut Main Corridor – Preliminary design

Design the most cost-effective migration strategy from the current ENR ATC system to the international standard ETCS Level 1 on board and trackside on the Alexandria – Cairo – Asyut main corridors.

Study of the Commercialization of Ramses & Sidi Gaber Stations

Management, operation and maintenance of the commercial malls in Metropolitan Stations excluding the activities directly related to the operation of trains.

Design, Procurement and Construction Supervision for Execution of Track Renewal Operation for 200 Km Track Cairo/ Aswan Line

The Egyptian National Railways (ENR) manged a modernization plan including a rail track improvement program. The first operation launched in 2008 was a 200 km complete track renewal for Cairo/ Aswan line.